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Simple Organic Sodas


Simple Organic Sodas have 35% less sugar than leading brands and just as much flavour, without using any low-calorie sweeteners.


Organic sodas



The idea for creating Simple Organic Sodas came from Joe and Daphne’s desire for a high-quality low-guilt soda as a treat at the end of a long day home-schooling their two daughters (mainly Daphne), and running their business (mainly Joe).  They wanted something that they could feel ok about in terms of having 100%-accredited natural ingredients, lower sugar levels but without any sweeteners, and the impact of the product on the environment. 


To develop the recipes, they worked with an organic ingredient supplier who could get all sorts of organic juices and natural ingredients to provide a real flavour, such as gentian root for the Bitters, and a kola nut, vanilla and spice blend for the Cola.  They experimented for days in their commercial kitchen and came up with the recipes which meet the ACO organic certification requirements. They were very aware that a drinks company, like almost any company, will have an impact on the environment, whether through carbon emissions from their distributor's trucks, or landfill of their bottles that don't get put in recycling.  They wanted an easy, practical way to give back to environmental protection, and the 1% For The Planet initiative was a straightforward way for them to pledge 1% of their revenue to organisations that are working to protect the environment.  It means that they can balance up their impact which is part of the "low-guilt" they were after.




With a natural cola flavour made from spice and citrus essential oils, kola nut extract, and vanilla bean extract. 

A cola like they made it when cola was first invented: organic sugar, organic lemon juice, and a careful blend of kola nut extract and essential oils.  It tastes like the colas you know, but it’s completely natural. 



With organic sugar, organic lemon juice, and natural lemon flavour. 

The simplest of our recipes, with only three ingredients!  The key to making something so simple taste so good is getting the right ingredients, especially the right cloudy lemon juice.  Better than Grandma used to make, but then she wasn’t a master blender, bless her. 



With organic ginger juice and ginger root extract. 

It’s gingery, it’s a bit fiery, but it doesn’t have the heavy sugar load that most ginger beers have.  We discovered that you can take 35% of their sugar out and it still tastes sweet and powerful. 



With organic lemon juice, organic lime juice, and gentian root extract, which is natural bitters flavour. 

Organic summery refreshment, with 35% less sugar than leading LLB’s. 



With pink grapefruit juice, organic lemon juice and black carrot juice. 

Our Pink Grapefruit soda has that balance of tangy, bitter, and sweet, but not the heavy sugar load that most have. 



With organic passionfruit juice, organic lemon juice and safflower extract, which is natural colour. 

Here’s our organic version of a classic quencher.  Fully certified organic and 35% less sugar than other passionfruit sodas.


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