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Organic Wines

An organic wine is a wine made from grapes that have been grown without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals, such as herbicides and pesticides. To keep the weeds and bugs at bay, organic farmers work with nature, rather than against it, by boosting their vineyard’s biodiversity. For example, they introduce cover crops to provide a habitat for beneficial insects that are the natural enemy of problem species, or have small sheep graze between the vine rows, eating the grass and weeds. In this way, the vineyard becomes a self-regulating, natural ecosystem, which is able to combat problems intrinsically and eliminates the need for artificial, and potentially toxic, chemicals.

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Biodynamic Wines

Biodynamic wine is made with a set of farming practices that views the farm or vineyard as one solid organism. Natural materials, soils, and composts are used to sustain the vineyard; chemical fertilizers and pesticides are forbidden for the sake of soil fertility and farmers adhere to strict regulations for common additives like sulfur and fining agents. Animals like ducks, horses and sheep live on the soil and fertilize it, creating a rich, fertile environment for the vines to grow in. Biodynamic farming drives sustainability, as it leaves the land in as good or better shape as they found it for future generations to come.

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Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wine is a wine which bubbles when poured into a glass. This fizziness which causes the wine to sparkle is what makes this category of wine unique and is the result of dissolved carbon dioxide in the wine – held under pressure in the bottle moving from a meta-stable state once the pressure is removed by uncorking. Champagne is best known as sparkling wine originates from the Champagne region of France.

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Rose Wines

Rosé is a type of wine made from red wine grapes, produced in a similar manner to red wine, but with reduced time fermenting with grape skins. This reduced skin contact gives rosé a pink hue and lighter flavour than that of red wine. Rosé is produced around the world, as it can be made from any red wine grape cultivated in any wine-growing region. Rosé is typically a blended wine made from a variety of different wine grapes but it can also be a single varietal wine, made from one type of grape.

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