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Easy cocktail recipes at the comfort of your home

Ingredients needed: Black Tears Dry Spiced Rum, Tonic Water and Orange Slice

Step 1: Pour ice into the glass
Step 2: Pour 40ml Black Tears Dry Spiced
Step 3: Top up Tonic Water
Step 4 : Put orange slice into the glass and serve


Iwai Japanese Highball

Ingredients needed: Iwai Japanese Whisky, Soda, Lemon (optional)

Step 1: Pour ice into the glass
Step 2: Pour 45ml Iwai Japanese Whisky
Step 3: Top up with Soda 
Step 4: A lemon garnish is optional 


Ginger Monkey 

Ingredients needed: Monkey Shoulder Whisky, Dry Ginger Ale, Orange

Step 1: Fill long glass with ice
Step 2: Pour in the Monkey Shoulder and dry ginger ale
Step 3: Gently stir and garnish with orange wedge


Aperol Spritz


Ingredients needed: Prosecco, Aperol, Soda Water, Orange

Step 1: Fill the glasses generously with ice cube
Step 2: First pour three parts of Prosecco (50ml) over the ice
Step 3: Pour three parts of Aperol (50ml) into each glass in circular movement
Step 4: Finish with a dash of soda (25ml)
Step 5: Garnish with a slice of orange