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Mars Maltage "Cosmo" Manzanilla Sherry Cask Finish Blended Whisky 700ml

Oak & Barrel

Mars Maltage "Cosmo" Manzanilla Sherry Cask Finish Blended Whisky 700ml

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The latest Japanese/import malt whisky blend from Mars Whisky is a limited edition dubbed Mars Maltage "Cosmo" Manzanilla Cask Finish.

As the name shows, they've simply taken the standard Mars Maltage "Cosmo" and finished it in an ex-Manzanilla sherry cask. Per the tasting notes, this builds on the soft and smooth mouthfeel of standard Cosmo, adding aromas of dry fruit, brown sugar, and maple syrup from the cask, chocolate and coconut in the palate, with a slight bitterness.

This limited edition bottling is a blended malt featuring whisky from Mars Shinshu as well as whiskies from undisclosed Scottish distilleries. The blend has been finished in a Manzanilla sherry cask. This soft whisky has notes of dried peach and praline on the nose, with subtle flavors of maple syrup and dried coconut that linger on the delicate finish.

42% ABV