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Dewars Double Double 32 Year old Whisky 500ml

Oak & Barrel

Dewars Double Double 32 Year old Whisky 500ml

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This exceptional whisky was created using the special 'quadruple aging' process pioneered by our phenomenal Master Blender, Stephanie MacLeod, who has been awarded the title of MASTER BLENDER OF THE YEAR by the IWC for the fourth year running!

Dewar's has pioneered the 'double ageing' process, with all the blends in the range undergoing a secondary resting in oak casks to marry the flavours and bring extra smoothness to the blend.

With the limited edition new 'Double Double' range, this process has become an art form, with a 'quadruple aging' or 'double double' aging process created by Dewar’s master blender Stephanie Macleod.

Firstly, the malt whiskies achieve their required age, and are mixed together and returned to an oak cask. The same happens to the grain whiskies. Then the two whisky types are blended together, and returned to an oak cask for a secondary double aging period. Finally, the blend is finished in an ex-Sherry cask.

This 32-year-old release has been finished in Pedro Ximenez casks, giving the whisky “rich, ripe treacle notes with a hint of smokiness and a silky smooth finish”.

Volume: 50ml Abv: 46%