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Bodegas Romero de Avila Portento Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

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Bodegas Romero de Avila Portento Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

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Bodegas Romero de Ávila Salcedo is a family-owned winery with a history that dates back to the 16th century as evidenced by the coat of arms still preserved in its cellar. Santiago Romero de Avila is the current owner of the estate and he has dedicated himself to maintaining his family legacy of producing quality traditional wines in amphoras. Winemaking in amphoras dates back to 3000 BC in Egypt. Fermentation in these receptacles is a slow process that occurs without modern interventions which requires patience, skills, and dedication, resulting in many nuances and complexity. The climate in the region is extremely continental with a large diurnal range and very little rainfall. The vineyards sit on sandy loam and limestone soil with a mix of clay and boulders and poor in organic material. Bodegas Romero di Avila Salcedo operates a sustainable form of viticulture by being respectful to the environment and the biodiversity of the animals, insects, and plants around its vineyards. Since 1990, Santiago has greatly improved the design of the wine cellar and reorganized the vineyards to meet the increasing global demands of his wines.


Wine Details:

  • Region : La Mancha
  • Varietal : Sauvignon Blanc
  • Alcohol : 13%
  • Sight : Pale straw.
  • Nose : Elegant and aromatic with passionfruit, grapefruit and banana and hints of minerals.
  • Palate : Smooth, refreshing and well-structured with flavours that reminces the nose.
  • Finish : Refreshing and good finis.
  • Specifics : Sustainable viticulture | Fermented in amphora