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Amaretto Di Saronno 700ml

Oak & Barrel

Amaretto Di Saronno 700ml

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Legend has it that Disaronno Amaretto was first conceived way back in Renaissance Italy in 1525 when an innkeeper posed as the Madonna of the Miracles for the artist Bernadino Luini as he painted a commission. It wasn’t until approximately 1900 that this liqueur was put into full production using the same secret recipe that is in use today. Mystery abounds exactly how it is produced but we know at least that it uses an infusion of apricot kernel oil, neutral spirit, caramel, and essence of 17 herbs and fruits.

Nose: An intense aroma of sweet marzipan greets the nose. This is a pungent-smelling liqueur for sure. Just a touch of toasted nuts add a little contrast to the otherwise intense sweetness.
Neat: As the palate acclimatizes the almond notes awaken memories of marzipan and amaretti biscuits. Unlike the nose, which goes heavy on a single aroma, there is in fact more interest to be found in the tasting. Although predominantly nutty, whispers of both vanilla and lemon zest together with a bitterness to balance the sweetness a little can all be detected and make it a more alluring prospect.
Mixing: Almond junkies might prefer it neat, but this liquor mixes perfectly in sour cocktails to add this delicious almond touch.

ALC: 28%