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Mars Single Cask “Komagatake” Tsunuki 2018 Bourbon Barrel #570 700ml

Oak & Barrel

Mars Single Cask “Komagatake” Tsunuki 2018 Bourbon Barrel #570 700ml

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6th edition of Mars single cask asian exclusive series are released . This is memorable first cask allocation to asian country ( exclude Japan ) from Mars Tsunuki Distillery. This single cask whisky, made from lightly peated malt and matured in bourbon barrels for about 3 years and 10 months, is a good whisky that allows you to feel all the basic elements of whisky that the Tunuki distillery aims for. It is limited to 217 bottles only, but about half of them were distributed to Hong Kong and Singapore. We hope you will enjoy this commemorative and rare bottle.

AVB: 62%