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Mars Komagatake Single Malt Double Cellars 2019 700ml

Oak & Barrel

Mars Komagatake Single Malt Double Cellars 2019 700ml

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Shinshu Mars Distillery produces some of our favourite Japanese single malts and whiskies. This Double Cellars release was distilled at the Mars Shinshu distillery before some of the whisky was sent off to mature at the company’s Tsunuki site. Comprising of whisky matured at both distilleries, the name speaks for itself. Bottled this year, this is the first Mars single malt of 2019.


Between the Shinshu location in the mountains of Nagano and the southern cellar of Yakushima the swings in elevation, average temperature and humidity are massive and the impact on the whisky, unmistakable. Luckily we get the best of both worlds here with the assurance that masterful Japanese blending know how brings. This is a special and very limited affair.