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Mars Komagatake Double Cellars 2018 700ml

Oak & Barrel

Mars Komagatake Double Cellars 2018 700ml

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Bottled in 2018, this is a 5 year old Komagatake from Mars. This edition came about from maturing the whisky in 2 different distilleries: Shinshu Aging Distillery and Tsunuki Aging Distillery.

Nose: Honey, treacle, dried pears, apricot jam, Brandy, ginger ale, orange peel, earthy peat, lemon cough drops, charred twigs. Shows a level of maturity that belies the young age.
Palate: Some nice spiciness mostly nutmeg, salt and pepper. Cocoa, vanilla, almond flakes, butter, lemon meringue, earthy peat, coconut water. Adding a little water brings out tangy orange and peanut butter.
Finish: Nutmeg, almond flakes, lingering cashew nuts and with water the peanut butter.